lessons: opinions, culture, & anglophilia

1. i do my hair better than anyone else ever has and it is cheap. [sidenote: i am all for supporting chris rock's good hair documentary but i already know that tale. but highly recommend others go see it. it will lessen the number awkward hair convos that you have with your friends.]

2. drag king shows aren't as interesting when they do a bunch of modern rock or hip hop songs. lackluster performances but they were amateurs so cheers for having the ummm guts to do it!

3. i love multitalented people.

4. even the shortest of ballerinas can command a stage. mozart's the magic flute was amazing. yay atlanta ballet!

5. another one of my siblings is moving back to atlanta...it's becoming a trend!

6. being out with my two good friends from high school reminded me that somethings will always feel natural.

7. my blood pressure is normal....thank the lord! my genetics have it in for me in that regard so i am elated bout that.

8. people do keep their word. as promised, the lovely people of iamx sent my surprise for designing the tote. i got three of my totes one of which has an autographed note from chris corner himself, two buttons, and an autographed copy of the latest single, my secret friend with imogen heap. i had squealy teenagery moment when i saw it, i can't even lie.

9. i do feel lonely, like an island, but i am understanding that its still better. before i felt like a deserted island, now i feel like fledgling paradise no one has discovered yet.

10. my anglophilia spans even into history. i have been watching vh1 classic all week, schooling myself on rock n roll legends: the who, the rolling stones, & queen. its funny when you see people in their prime, in the right context. you can see for yourself why they are unquestionable.

right now i am crushing on roger daltrey of the who. he was so so so nice in the tommy years and he has a voice i didn't expect. i loved the tommy movie as well. the performances from all three just made me jealous. we don't get performances and front men like that very often anymore. i mean queen at live aid, literally, had me gaping. that is the definition of crowd control. the who were great with their more or less balanced chaos while the stones slinked and grooved.

ahhh gotta love the brits. especially their open admittance of their music deriving from black music. the stones and the who were cover bands first and then produced their own work. i love that because they didn't just flat out steal without recognition like some other people we know. its cool to see the universal span black music had and has. it all comes back to us in the end don't it.

but really its the soul of it. its transcendental. its like how you know someone is lying. you can just feel it in there.

rambling: excuses & explanations

its funny to think that i feel the need to explain my absence to myself. i guess i am the one that i feel most accountable to right now. probably because i have a tendency to fail her...me. i hadn't felt like analyzing myself. someone had pressed pause again and i felt stuck like i was on fly paper. not to mention the creeping in loneliness and chill of autumn breezes making me miss parts of my old life. it seems more than a few months ago. a whole other era. leaps and bounds. i can't judge whether this is right or wrong, and give it a stamp but i can say that i feel better.

my sight is clearer. but i am not liking some of what i can now see.

times seem so bleak. but really its just a matter of patience. my focus has shifted towards something i thought i would never want: more school! i am applying to graduate school and thus pulled a brake on the job front for the moment. but the beauty of it is that i am not running into grad school as a haven from recession hell, but more so to do what i really want to do.

i figured it out! a career path. now granted i feel that my career and personal creative endeavors will remain separate but that is the beauty of it. i don't want the wrong passion to become my career because i will end up hating it. case in point: i haven't been able to enjoy listening to outkast again since finishing my seminar book.

so there it is my explanation. i have been knee deep in a melodramatic stand still depression while researching and applying to graduate school. i give myself excuses more than explanations sometimes i think. fluffy sounding reasons for not making the moves i need to. but writing forces me to explain. to be honest. to cut through some of the crap i tell myself to find some semblance of truth. its funny how you never have to dig too deep to find it.


love: rufus wainwright

there is a new love in our midst. and though i am late, he is right on time for me. if you haven't already, get familiar with mr. rufus wainwright. brilliant songwriter, musician, performer and an adorable character to say the least. check him out here in a great interview and performing the song that made stop dead in my tracks. press play.

do you know how hard it was to not laugh at jonathan ross trying to say his name?! god bless him and his speech impediment.

design: iamx merch

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