if i had disposable income: wishlist

a well designed album, purse, book, and sneaker....
what more could a girl wish for?


decision: berlin, germany

i want to go to this place and the reasoning is partly captured in this image. the old and new all mashed together. its so unexpected and strange. but just the idea of berlin, germany being a cultural, artist, youth mecca is unexpected. it is also cheap, environmentally aware, and perpetually stuck in a cycle of not being a powerhouse city like paris and london. its an alternative that i want to experience before i am thirty. and if you know me, you know that if i have made a decision, its happening.


cult classic: hedwig and the angry inch 2001

the music gets stuck every time i watch it. its reached rocky horror status and the story gripping enough as it is...hedwig, a east german transgendered rock singer trying to find retribution in more ways than one. this one is my favorite for sure. [oh and the man who plays hedwig, wrote the musical, then the film as his debut.]

meet: chris corner / iamx

my new favorite person. iamx [pronounced i-am-x] is a beautiful beast that i found through my burgeoning anglophilia. its getting ridiculous really. i can trace how i ended up here but i still cannot remember what sparked it. it was reawakened [ it began in high school with coldplay] by russell to the boosh to chris corner / iamx.

its the related videos effect. and i love it.

but the man above here is difficult to explain in all the right ways but what clicked in my head when trying to put my visual references together was prince meets trent reznor. but he is his own force of music and art that i am having a ball discovering.

so besides me liking the music and his mesmerizing quality, what is it that makes me like him?

his seeming schizophrenic bounce between his two personas though both are equally intriguing to me. he oozes creativity, movement, theatricality, a stellar voice, emotional lyrics, beautifully aggressive music but above all that its the attitude.

the decadence of honesty and not giving a fuck. press play.

[be aware that his music tends to involve sensuality, sexuality, bisexuality, drugs, addiction, emotional/psychological turmoil, rebellion, if u can't really dig that then disregard.]

missile of off debut "kiss & swallow" in 2004
[told u he was kinky, and that was his girlfriend at the time btw]

spit it out off second release "the alternative" in 2006
[yep, that's her again, sue denim. check her out below in my fav two tracks by her group robots in disguise.]

turn it up from their second album "get rid!"
[chris produced all of their albums and yes, that is the noel fielding at the beginning, and in the hitcher outfit with julian barratt]

the tears from "we're in the music biz" from 2008
[oh yeah, noel is dating the other girl, dee plume. they tend to play 'the girls' in the boosh. i told u its all connected!]

okay i feel better now. i feel like a concept is formulating.


throwback: incubus "megalomaniac" 2003

because someone i know told me they had yet to see it. for u.

and well its a great video...ballerina hitler. nuff said.

rambling: returning

i clearly have not been writing for a while. i think i got busy but i also just couldn't bring myself to type out some of my thoughts because they were kind of depressing and didn't have anything to push them back towards the light. i think it was that i wasn't feeling any push in any direction.

just stagnant.

and when things are stagnant, it basically feels like i'm falling.

so now i am feeling quite better but i am starting to feel like i got to take care of child i created here with philiadose. it wasn't just for filling my time its to help me to hone in on what exactly i am doing.

in life, that is, in general.

i am gonna try to return to the passion and drive i felt when pursuing my degree. i'm gonna get there i know but i loose my resolve just like everyone else and i just shut down. so here is to returning to being who i want to be not who circumstance dictates that i should be.

eff a recession. imma get mine.